Hannah Gajari

Hannah Gajari

Born and raised in farm country, Hannah came to love the city of Philadelphia as a student at Penn. This is her seventh year on Cru staff. She loves trivia, linguistics, and musicals.

Addison and Emily Frank

Addison and Emily Frank

Addison and Emily met on staff with Cru and got married in January 2019. Addison grew up in Bucks County Pennsylvania and graduated from Penn State University with an Engineering degree. Since graduating, Addison has been working for Cru, most recently in Washington D.C. He loves reading and learning, thinking, playing sports, and watching B-rated horror films.

Emily grew up in King of Prussia and graduated from Gordon College in Graphic Design. Emily is a graphic designer for Cru. She loves dancing ballet, llamas and gnomes, making and admiring art, and most of all, donuts. Lots of donuts.

Joe Benzing

Joe is originally from the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. After studying Entertainment and Arts Management at Drexel University (Class of 2019) he spent two years overseas in the Middle East working for Cru. Joe loves camping, coffee, music, cooking, and anything that involves getting to know people better.

Amy Bogan

This is Amy’s third year Philly Cru. She made her way across the state, growing up in Pittsburgh and graduating from Penn State University before heading to Philly. Her heart for ministry toward women has grown over the years, stemming from other women pouring into her own life. She loves all things sports, running, and watching rerun episodes of Gilmore Girls.

Lauren Hays

Lauren is originally from Kansas City (Go Chiefs!) and joined staff with Cru after graduating from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. This is her 13th year working with Cru, and she spent the last 7 years overseas in Central Asia. She loves adventures, running, coffee, and is passionate about helping women walk in the light and in deep intimacy with Jesus. She’s excited to live in Philly and be part of what God is doing in this city!

Desmin Peifer

Desmin has served with Philly Cru since 2017. He hails from Lancaster and graduated from West Chester University with a degree in music education. He has enjoyed seeing God work in the city and students alike and is excited for what the future holds! Des is always up for playing music, adventuring, sports, deep conversations, board games, and trying new cheesesteaks. Go Birds!