Mission Liberti

Join us for Summer Mission Projects in Philadelphia


Bustling streets, booming industry, towering skyscrapers. The Liberty Bell sits in the heart of this great city of Philadelphia. Once known as the “birthplace of America”, the urban landscape of Philadelphia is now infused with beautiful riverfronts, parks, and hipster cafes. As the 5th largest city in America, Philadelphia is helping to set the pace for American culture.

With some of the best universities in the country, Philadelphia is home to over 330,000 college students and faculty. But not all is bright in the town that Ben Franklin built. Another side of this city is rarely advertised in the visitor’s guides.  Behind the glittery lights, you can easily see that drugs, poverty, and crime are pervasive. Less than 10 percent of the city’s residents can be found in a church building on any given Sunday. In the city of “Brotherly Love”, many have never experienced the greatest love of all. Liberti is Latin for freed people. In John chapter 8, Jesus says, “If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.”

As Jesus frees us from our sins and from ourselves, we are liberated to love God and love others. Love. It is because of God’s love that we are both able and compelled to love those around us. Mission Liberti will give you the opportunity to experience more of His great love, and in turn, practice showing this love to urban residents, city college students, and your teammates. Serve. Love for people and for the city sends us outside of our comfort zones to serve those in need. As we enter into some of the roughest neighborhoods and most spiritually dark campuses in Philly, we are trusting God to use us as we proclaim and demonstrate the gospel in an urban context. You’ll gain experience in learning to minister to students, addicts, sex-workers, the poor, the homeless, and those from other cultures. Grow. As we love and serve the city, we cannot help but be transformed ourselves.  You will live in close community with other students, mission staff, and local church members. Mission Liberti will challenge you to grow in the gospel that is powerful to change lives — the lives of those you are serving, as well as your own. We are serious about seeing Philadelphia transformed and we’d like to invite you to be a part of it. We believe that your summer here in the city could be a step in seeing radical transformation on the campuses of Philadelphia as well as around the city.

On this mission you will partner with the Philly Cru team and the Liberti Church Network to help reach the students of the city as well as bless the city in various other opportunities such as serving addicts, the urban poor, and the homeless. As you are immersed in this urban environment you will be challenged to love people and experience Jesus in a whole new way that will shape you forever.

We’re also serious about developing leaders. Mission Liberti is designed for you to gain real world ministry training and equipping. The evangelism, discipleship, and equipping you will receive on this summer project is second to none.

You can expect that the experiences you have on this mission will set you up to be a strategic leader back on your campus and for the rest of your life. God is for this city. We believe that your summer in Philadelphia could be instrumental in seeing this great city changed by the gospel. Mission Liberti could change the way you experience God and love others for the rest of your life. Will you join us?